Who Are We?

"B.M.U. SİSTEMAK" always considers 'Quality Building Maintenance Units and Facade Access Systems' and 'Customer Satisfaction at All Times' policies as its top priorities. By creating its own brand, B.M.U. SİSTEMAK, known for its quality in the production of facade access systems (suspended scaffolding, davit arm, parapet leg, monorail, etc.) has quickly made a name for itself and positioned itself among the leading companies in the industry by combining its quality with the services it provides. B.M.U. SİSTEMAK, with its 1000 m² facility and 20 staff, has blended its experience and expertise in facade access systems with quality, technology, innovation, and aesthetics to create unique facade access systems, setting an example for the industry. B.M.U. SİSTEMAK, aiming to take the innovations it brings to the sector to higher levels and provide advanced services to its business partners, has embarked on a journey by sourcing from leading brands in the facade access sector. With the success achieved in the Turkish market with its business partners, B.M.U. SİSTEMAK aims to reflect this success to global markets in its journey to offer fast and high-quality service under the most favorable conditions. With the support it receives from you and the confidence it has in itself, B.M.U. SİSTEMAK will continue to be a rising value in the industry and provide timely and optimal solutions to any kind of demand. B.M.U. SİSTEMAK, with its wide range of products and quality service approach offered to business partners, aims to make every moment of life enjoyable and create new values that will elevate our living standards from existing beauties.
And to contribute to a more livable world, B.M.U. SİSTEMAK has adopted the principle of providing the best service and quality to both domestic and international markets with all its employees and business partners. In this context, B.M.U. SİSTEMAK supports its position in the industry and the value of its service quality with globally recognized ISO 9001 - 2015, OHSAS 18001 - 2007 Industrial Registry Certificate, ISO 14001 - 2015 quality certificates for production consultancy, assembly, maintenance, and CE services.

Our Vision

The evolving mobile platforms, load, and personnel carrying products are becoming more reliable both globally and in our country.
To engineer and produce modular, quickly and easily assembled, repeatedly reusable products in the usage area, in compliance with engineering standards and the climatic conditions of the region, by applying state-of-the-art technologies, tailored to the usage needs of our customers.

Our Mission

 To swiftly and economically provide solutions to our customers' changing product demands, to maintain continuous interest in our products, and to enhance product quality by consistently creating technological advancements. Parallel to the growing internal capacity, our aim is to contribute to the industrial development of our country and increase employment levels.

A Careful Touch to Every Structure